Types of panes

Two-chamber glass pane

Improves thermal insulation properties, providing better heat comfort than one-chamber panes. When an insulating spacer is installed, the windows can be successfully used for energy efficient construction. Can achieve heat transfer coefficient U from 0.4 to 0.8 W/m2K.

Sound absorbing glass pane

Laminated glass with special acoustic film between panes. Used to improve the acoustic comfort in interiors, exceptionally soundproof. Intended for housing and public buildings.

Safety glass pane

Due to its unique structure, a safety glass pane has increased resistance to breaking or shattering. Even in the pane is broken, the pieces of glass remain fixed to a film, minimising the risk of injury to any persons nearby. The film prevents glass from being penetrated.

Single-chamber glass pane

Standard single-chamber glass pane consisting of two panes. The space between panes is filled with a noble gas (argon) so as to reduce the heat transfer coefficient U.

Sun protection

Sun protection glazing is covered with an outer layer of special film that reduces the sunlight flow, which enters the building interior. The glass not only deflects and absorbs heat, but also filters light in order to reduce glares. The sun protection glazing may reduce the costs of air conditioning in summer and limit the use of sun shades.

Anti-burglary glass pane

Anti-burglary glass panes effectively reduce the risk of a burglary. We recommend the following resistance classes: P2 (2 glass panes and 2 layers of film) and P4 (2 glass panes and 4 layers of film). The laminate ensures your safety, supresses sound waves, and protects against excessive solar radiation.