Roller shutter – Top-mounted

SKB Styroterm

Well though-out construction, simple assembly and the lowest thermal parameters on the market. When designing the roller shutter the focus was mainly on the material from which the box was made. Thanks to this, the product characterized with extremely good parameters was obtained. SKB Styroterm was designed to be completely build over in the warming, thanks to which the box remains invisible element of the façade.


A very convenient roller shutter system, which improves thermal and sound insulation across the windows while reducing energy consumption, especially in terms of winter heating. The access hatch position is configurable: in the front or bottom with the hatch swung open into the room, or an access hatch on the window exterior. Once the access hatch position has been decided, make the installation and trim finish that will make it easy to open the access hatch door. The optional roller insect blind can be installed on the inner side of the curtain to increase the convenience of use.


This roller shutter system enhances the thermal insulation and soundproofing performance while improving heating energy efficiency. The access hatch is installed on the front and its location is fixed. The complete installation trim perfectly conceals the roller shutter box from the outside. This makes the box a negligible obstruction to an aesthetic finish. This system can also be fitted with a roller insect blind on the roller shutter curtain exterior –– a very convenient upgrade for hot weather.


An alternative roller shutter solution that is easily serviceable from the front and from the bottom inside the room. This system enhances the thermal and sound insulation of the window all year round with great energy savings on heating in winter. Each roller curtain of this system can accommodate the optional roller insect screen on the inside of the curtain. The roller shutter box can be completely concealed from the outside for minimum aesthetic obstruction and an improved overall finish.


This system is the perfect solution for the most demanding customers, given the sheer number of customisation options. The key advantages include an enhanced thermal insulation performance that comes from the thermal insulation layer within the roller shutter box and the optional frame thermal insulation with narrow guide rails made of extruded aluminium for the Mini and Maxi shutter sections. This system can be installed with an optional roller insect screen on request. Another benefit of this model is the optional extruded aluminium sheet box, which can be installed without any encasing trim and matched to the window colour frame.


A solution that provides ideal protection from the elements. The design and internal thermal insulation layer improves the overall energy rating of the building both in summer and winter. The system also improves the soundproofing level for better comfort of the occupants.

CleverBox Soft

This system provides superior protection from the elements and significantly improves the building thermal insulation performance with a noticeable reduction of noise from the outside. A flagship characteristic of this system is the rounded access hatch installed on the room side.

Roka-Top 2

A very advanced system that is the perfect choice for new construction projects or refurbishing. The improved lintel trim comes complete with an indoor access hatch to keep the entire roller shutter properly sealed. The PU-foam filled sections improve the seal and prevent cold bridges across the curtain. The white sections harmonise with the window frame for an improved aesthetic finish. The innovative curtain structure and material facilitate installation for an ideal fit of the system components, an attractive effect, and high insulation performance.

Roka-Top 2RG

A roller shutter solution with a very sophisticated design, intended for both new and refurbishment projects. The improvements from the previous generation ensure superior performance, including a full seal across the curtain surface and between the window and the guide rails, even in heavy rain. A premium advantage is that the box can be fully concealed under the plasterwork for a flush, neat and eye-appealing finish. This system is an advanced and highly functional solution thanks to the box end profile and the PVC reinforcing shape within the insulation wedge piece.