Fences – Accessories


In our offer You can find set of photocells. Photocells are primarily the safety guarantee. They are equipped in special system, which guarantee to stop the gate at the moment of any obstacle detection.

Handles or Handrail

Handles are handrail the key element of property fencing accomplishment. Our wide offer enables to perfectly match each element to the gate.

Signal Lamp

Signal lamp informs about closing and opening of the gate, what provides Clients with even better protection. What is more, signal lamp is tightly enclosed, what preserve the lamp against the detrimental effects of atmospheric factors.

Drives to the gates

Gate may be equipped in special drive which enables its remote control with the navigator. Drives may also pose part of the Smart Home, when connected to the TaHoma operating system.

Street number

One of the most important element placed on the fencing is street number, which enables to find the proper address. Stainless steel-made preserve the plate against the detrimental effects of atmospheric factors.


Letterbox is a functional accomplishment of the fencing. Besides practicalness it has many aesthetical values. It can be mounted on the fencing post or on the wicket.

Video intercom

Besides standard hands-free intercoms, we also offer its newest version – video intercom. It is equipped in LCD display, which enables to see and speak with the person standing outside.