Roller shutter – Accessories

Key switch

A key-turn switch for wall-mounted installation. This control switch is manually and easily operated with a key.

Somfy Chronis RTS switch

A multifunctional control timer that supports RF receiver modules that are standalone or integrated in drive units. Enables programming a schedule of window shutter/blind opening and closing hours. Features a sunset control function with a programmable offset time. The control switch also features occupancy simulation and automatic daylight saving time control.

Flush-mounted key switch

It combines traditional design with functionality. The two-key control switch with an electronic interlock to prevent simultaneous control of two opposite drive operating directions. Installed with screw clamps.

Selve iveo white switch

A portable, convenient and easy to operate wireless control switch with programmable soft keys. Features an automatic control function lock in the form of a latching slider. Intended for surface-mounted installation.

Somfy key switch

A key-turn switch for wall-mounted installation. This control switch is manually and easily operated with a key. Features a neutral position.

Somfy Telis6

A multi-functional control solution that will satisfy even the most demanding customers who highly value versatile functionality and full customization that their lifestyles require. This solution is ideal for those who want to schedule the operation of their convenience systems at specific hours of the week, including the sunset hours at their location. This remote controller class can operate smart home devices with sunlight sensors and simulate occupancy by randomly added time deviations to the scheduled control hours. The device also includes an automatic daylight saving mode control.

Remote control HSTR15 with a timer

Manual radio receiver to the operation of Rojaflex drives. The remote control has fifteen channels and a time programming function, as well as an LCD display.

Remote control HSR15 with a display

Manual radio transmitter to the operation of Rojaflex drives. The remote control has fifteen channels. It is equipped with an energy-saving LCD display.

Remote control HSR5

Manual radio receiver to the operation of Rojaflex drives. The remote control enables individual remote control of five roller shutters equipped with drives.

Remote control HSR1

Manual radio transmitter to the operation of Rajaflex drives. The single-channel model is dedicated to controlling one device.

Selve intronic I switch

A classically designed control switch with a unique, modern form of push buttons. The installation bezels will help you match this control solution to any interior design.

Telis1 RTS – black/silver

Outstanding design and convenience of operation: these are the flagship features of this model. A light and aesthetically finished remote controller for those who prefer convenience and ease of operation over multifunctionality. This is a reliable solution when quality should outweigh the number of control functions.

Situo 1IO

A novel solution that features an innovative device housing design with a metallic finish that speaks of the owner’s unique taste down to the single details. A product designed for people with a modern taste who love a minimalistic design and highly value convenient, high-tech equipment complemented with a refined style, and everyone who likes to express their energy in every detail of interior design.

Somfy Smoove Origin IO

A wall-mounted wireless control device with a convenient “my” control customization feature. With sleek, contemporary styling, the control switch is a perfect match for a modern interior design of your home or office. An excellent choice for those who value simple yet functional solutions that complement innovative interior design trends.

Yooda Melody with LCD

A modern-style remote controller and an innovative solution with reliable convenience of operation and functionality. This device can operate several drive units at the same time. It is easy to use and perfectly harmonizes with modern indoor design trends.

Keypad 2CH RTS

A handy, convenient, wall-mounted wireless controller with the access to the controls protected by a pass code entered with numerical keys. Enables control of two drive units. Meets the requirements of Directive 1999/5/EC. Recommended for those who prefer compact control solutions that combine functionalities of several devices in a single unit.

Somfy Inis duo control switch

A double control switch with a modern finish and convenient push-buttons. Easy to use and highly functional. A perfect finish detail for every modern interior design.

Somfy inteo centralis RTS switch

A state-of-the-art device intended for a new roller shutter control system based on electric actuator drives. The wireless control communication does away with tedious electrical wiring and reduces the wiring connections to the necessary essentials.


The Somfy drive units are high-tech solutions with unique functionalities and a superior operating life. The prime feature is the extremely low operating noise level that makes it a perfect choice for exterior roller shutters. It can also drive draped curtains or projection screens. Our range includes drive unit models operated with key switches (with emergency opening), wireless controllers (also with emergency opening), and remote controllers; there is also a special version with a solar-powered motor. These products are compatible with remote IR (infrared) and RTS (wireless RF) control systems.


The Selve drive unit motor is the easiest way for automatic control of roller shutters and a common model installed in automatic roller shutter systems. We provide drive units with control switches and remote controllers. When choosing the drive unit, consider the roller shutter fascia weight and the roller shutter winding shaft type.


ELFIS/ELFIM radio drives have a radio receiver with two-way communication. The drive receives the signal and simultaneously sends it, what allows incl. checking the drive status. In addition, the drive is enriched with self-teaching limit switchers and the two-sided obstacle detection.


Our product range includes various drive unit diameters and functions to provide you with an end-to-end solution package for the automation of your exterior and indoor shutters and garage doors. The following drive unit motor types are available: Standard, with integrated RF control receiver, with obstacle detectors, or the all-rounder type EVY system.


Provides easy installation and operation, the shutter can be stopped at any height in order to partially cover the window. Enables you to select any height thanks to a universal mechanism. Intended for installation in all kinds of buildings.

Security package

Tailored to the needs of those who want to protect their interiors against unwanted visitors. The system makes it considerably difficult to enter the room or the building.

Style package

Recommended especially for those who want to maintain design consistency among all solutions used in a room.

Energo package

Specially prepared for those who need energy-efficient and fully integrated solutions. Intended for providing top energy-efficient systems for passive houses, modern offices, and public facilities.