Façade blinds


The system was created primarily to improve the energy balance of the building. The main element of the system is a box made of high-quality insulating material – Styroterm, which has very good thermal properties.


A universal and very budget-friendly system. Requires some work to install. The universal fit is ensured by the adjustment of the top rail clamps and the guide rail clamps. This solution makes installation feasible in most homes, both those under renovation and new builds, and both as adaptation blinds and built-in (concealed) blinds. The system’s design can accommodate clamp-mounted guide rails and guide rails attached directly to the windows.

Elite XT

A very convenient and energy efficient roller shutter system that improves the thermal and sound insulation levels, especially when winter heating is considered. For added convenience are the options of installing a roller insect screen and the use of Type C façade blind inserts.


This roller shutter system features a unique box with a 45-degree slope on the outside. This is a perfect choice for those who prefer a bold finish with sharp lines. These roller shutters are intended for direct wall mounting or, with a universal adapter, within the window recesses.

Roka Top 2 Shadow

The combination of a Neopor®/Styropor® thermal insulator with tightly-fitting structural joints provides excellent protection against sunlight, wind and moisture. The additional bracing, including stiffening consoles embedded in the foam, window braces and revised and innovative fasteners, ensures a structure that remains permanently attached to the window and wall. It can be perfectly harmonized with any type of wall finish (render, WDVS, or clinker brick).


The RAFF-E system from ALUKON is a next-generation solution based on extensive engineering know how. This makes the blinds easy to size and quick to install. The system is as easy to use as hand-operated external roller shutters, but its features are simply better.

Clever Box

This system boasts the best thermal and sound insulation performance in the product range, due to its unique design and the superior quality of the components. It is the only top-mounted roller shutter system compatible with façade blinds for full blocking of outdoor light. The system ensures great levels of comfort, both in the summer and winter.