Accessories – windows

Aluminium handle

Perfectly complements all types of windows and enables you to finish your interior with a traditional, easy to clean and practical accessory.

MACO with button

A modern option and a variation of a handle with a key. Especially recommended for those who want to combine safety with modern design.

MACO Standard

The quality of this handle is well-known. Its functionality is ensured by excellent technical parameters, practical design and shape. Guarantees safety and comfort of use.

MACO with key

Recommended especially for those who perceive safety as the top priority. The mechanism enables you to protect private buildings and company facilities against undesirable access.

Standard handle

A simple and functional solution for everyone. Its simple design is especially recommended for bright interiors.


The innovative shape of the handle is perfect for those who value unconventional design of even the smallest elements of the interior. Combines functionality with modern design.

Hoppe Secustic key

The handle is equipped with a locking mechanism that prevents handle rotation. Indispensable for anti-burglary protection. The characteristic sound of the mechanism audible when turning the handle is a distinctive additional feature of the system.

Standard with key

An alternative for the standard model. Equipped with a key for protection against undesired access, it combines traditional design with functionality.

Hoppe Secustic Standard

We offer this aluminium handle due to its durability. Thanks to its powder-coated surface, we can adjust the design to the needs and requirements of our most demanding customers. The best solution for those who value functionality and aesthetics.


Insulating spacers (warm edge spacers) constitute a perfect solution for those who consider heat energy saving their priority. Commonly applied in thermal insulation panes in passive construction, they improve insulation properties by increasing the temperature of the pane. A wide colour selection enables you to create a unique appearance.

Radaks vent

A compact trickle vent that provides a constant stream of fresh air and reduces indoor humidity. A perfect solution specifically for mould-infested rooms. The humidity is reduced conveniently without the need to open the window, which is a great advantage in winter. Easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to clean.

Hinge guards

Simple yet aesthetic. A set of guards for PVC window systems available in a wide colour selection enables you to refine the details of your interior design.

AERECO EMM 707 vent

A handy and highly recommended trickle vent that can be set to blow air upwards or at an angle. This trickle vent features an air flow angle lockout and requires no manual adjustment, since it has a control sensor based on a polyamide band. The air flow rate is adjusted according to the indoor humidity. Requires no electrical power supply.

AMO vent

The popular self-regulating vent that can set the air flow in a vertical or horizontal direction. The air flow rate depends on the indoor relative humidity.

Sash bar

This multi-variant decorative element is a practical addition to traditional and modern buildings. When well-chosen, it is an indispensable detail that goes perfectly with the style of the façade. We offer a wide selection of sizes and colours in order to meet our customers’ requirements.


An excellent decorative effect that enables you to alter the window design. Easy installation enables you to place the sash bar directly on the pane and replace it when it is necessary. Thanks to a wide selection of colours adjusted to PVC windows palette, you can create perfectly composed interior design.

Ventair vent

Designed to provide fresh air at a steady and sufficient flow rate with the help of a dedicated air flow capacity stabilizer that is especially useful in winter. A perfect solution for improved indoor comfort, health effects, and heating efficiency.


Perfect choice due to its quality and resistance to weather conditions. Appreciated for its aesthetic design and resistance to humidity and chemical agents.

Cellular sill

Installed inside the building, this window sill is exceptionally durable and resistant to scratches. Easy to maintain and clean, resistant to humidity, water, water vapour, and even UV radiation. Its excellent mechanical strength provides high resistance to load, indentation, and abrasion. Well-known for its profile stability. Especially recommended for those who value aesthetics and functionality.

Slimline 2000 vent

A high-quality self-regulating trickle vent. Combines a modern design style with a high functionality. Prevents high humidity and mould attack in rooms, while providing a flow of fresh air. Can be sealed off by hand.

Veneered sill

Made of a top-quality hot-dip galvanised steel sheet and coated with decorative film in one of six available colours. Its current design provides excellent finish for elegant and luxurious façades. Resistant to harmful external factors such as UV radiation, humidity, and temperature. Goes perfectly with window systems.


A modern aluminium window sill with characteristic rounded finish for external installation. Available in two colours: antique copper and antique silver.

Steel sill

Made of top-quality galvanized steel and intended for external use. Perfect for PVC, wooden, and aluminium window systems. Not only is it good-looking and durable, but also resistant to weather conditions. Its unique structure provides resistance to humidity, stains, and chemical agents and detergents.

Energo package

Appropriate selection and processing of wood used for our joinery enables us to provide top thermal insulation properties. Thanks to accessories offered by our company, our products are the best thermal insulators.

Protection package

Glued, trilaminar and specially processed wood enables us to offer rigid window structures. With appropriate accessories they can provide an effective barrier against burglars.