Roller shutter – adaptive

Anti-burglary – SAR

The SAR anti-burglary roller shutter has been created for people who value their safety and safety of their families. Burglary resistance class (RC3) has been confirmed by an appropriate certificate by the IFT Rosenheim Institute.

SK 45

This roller shutter system features a unique box with a 45-degree slope on the outside. This is a perfect choice for those who prefer a bold finish with sharp lines. These roller shutters are intended for direct wall mounting or, with a universal adapter, within the window recesses.


A very special roller shutter system with a rounded-off box made of high-grade aluminium sheets. The special PU-PA coat finish provides extreme scratch and weather resistance. Specifically recommended for building façade wall installation because of the oval form of the box and outstanding durability.


The SKP features semicircular boxes. This box form is specifically recommended for installation on the windows in existing buildings. The unique roller shutter box and the 45-degree angle provide a perfect fit within the window recess. The round front fascia of the box provides a neat aesthetic finish for the roller shutter installation.