uPVC – sliding windows

EkoSun HST

EkoSun HST is an incredible convenience and the ability to create spacious, glazed structures. The low profile guarantees an adequate supply of light, and at the same time ensures waterproofness at the highest level. Thanks to the low threshold, the EkoSun HST system enables the creation of barrier-free architecture.

PSK doors

PSK doors are an interesting alternative to balcony doors as they can be tilted and slid. Thanks to special guiding rails, the leaf does not open inwards, saving space in the room.

Folding system

An interesting way to provide a passage to your garden, terrace, or balcony. Our folding systems are very easy to use, at the same time acting as a unique decorative element. Available in a wide variety of colours.

Smart Slide

Sliding doors based on the Smart Slide system thanks to a simple and innovative closing mechanism allow for simple and intuitive operation, similar to the solutions used in lift and slide doors.


Energy efficient sliding door system. Enables you to create large glazed structures while maintaining excellent thermal insulation. Available in three versions: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The only HST system allowing you to install Aluskin aluminium covers.


Sliding doors provide the highest level of functionality and aesthetics. Recommended for single-family housing. The system is available in at least a few different versions and arrangements. Undoubtedly, the diversity of the structure and an aluminium threshold are essential advantages of the solution.

evolutionDrive 82

A lift and slide door system that allows production of large glazing while maintaining good thermal parameters. A characteristic feature of the system is possibility of being equipped with a low threshold that allows use of “barrier-free construction” solutions, used in hospitals or other public facilities.

Multi Slide

In small room where there is no space to install balcony windows with a leaf opening inwards, we recomment to install a sliding system as it will let us gain some space. One of the inexpensive systems on our offer is the Multi Slide system.

Easy Slide

An economic system that can successfully substitute traditional windows. A sliding system enables you to save space indoors. Recommended for smaller sliding doors.