Aluminium – sliding windows


System dedicated to design lift and slide doors. Available in version with a higher thermal insulation. Recommended for assembly in public facilities as also in housing construction.


A technologically advanced system intended for production of accordion doors. Consisting of thermally insulated aluminium profiles, the system looks aesthetic and provides good thermal insulation.

MB-86 Fold Line

Folding door system MB-86 Fold Line is an ideal solution for the construction of terraces and extensive passageways between rooms. This system has extremely high technical parameters, making it easy to create structures with large dimensions.

MB-77 HS

Exclusive lift and slide doors, characterised by large dimensions and top thermal insulation properties. This innovative solution enables you to join leafs at 90 degrees without installing a permanent post in the corner. Enjoy a wide passageway without any obstructions.


A state of the art solution for doors and windows. MB-59 HS lift and slide doors can successfully substitute traditional balcony doors, providing great design possibilities and improving the overall appearance of the interior and the façade.


A state-of-the-art system of light-weight, energy-efficient sliding doors. Modernslide is the foundation of Galandage, an installation solution with an extremely good aesthetic finish. Galandage conceals the sliding leafs almost completely in the walls, which provides the maximum possible clearance of the doorway.

Visoglide Plus

A system of sliding doors recommended for energy-efficient constructions. Two-rail and three-rail structures are available. A characteristic feature of the Visoglide Plus system is its extremely narrow labyrinth stud.


Provides additional thermal insulation. Intended for the construction of sliding doors and windows that can be embedded in brick walls, aluminium façades, and permanent window structures based on MB-59.